Sit Down, Take a Load Off; Luxury Seating at Wyeth

I have a chair addiction.  When I need a fix I take a peek at the collection of pieces at Wyeth.  Wyeth has a showroom in on Spring at Greenwich as well as one in Wainscott.   Now I know I have been featuring one showroom per post, but I could not get past Wyeth’s great collection of seating.  Wyeth has so much more so I may revisit Wyeth for another post to show off more of their amazing collection.

Wyeth is for the serious collector who also has to be seriously wealthy.  Their treasures do not come cheep (nor should they)… but a girl can look, can’t she?

This is my absolute all-time favorite desk chair.  If I had a spare $8,500 for a desk chair this would be mine!  It is a 1940s Barrel-Back Walnut desk chair designed by Edward Wormley for Dunbar.  I love everything from the tufting on the leather to the castors!

I love furniture designed by Hans Wegner.  His pieces are so lyrical and yet completely functional.  This is a beautiful Hans Wegner Oak “Long Chair” with an adjustable backrest and matching footstool circa 1954.

This is a Danish sofa from the 1950s designed by Edvard and Tove Kindt-Larsen.  What a cute little sofa!  I love this for a sofa in a proper sitting room or as extra seating in a bedroom.  It is not a plop down,  movie-watching sofa, but it is a great structured piece to make a space a bit more formal.  If you have a large formless cozy sofa, this would balance the space with its structured soft curves.

I adore this piece at every angle, especially the back of this sofa.  When there is a piece this beautiful and thoughtfully designed it is meant to be placed in a part of the room where it can be viewed from all angles.  Don’t put baby in a corner.

All of Wyeth’s furniture has pedigree.  If you do have the funds these pieces are an investment, but their name and the fact that they were purchased from Wyeth will let you sleep at night.  And although a purchase will probably force you to live on pancake mix and Ramen for the rest of your days, you will look darn good eating them while lounging on one of these pieces.

Check out the collection when you are downtown and be prepared to be amazed!

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