Great Duo of Design, Benjamin Bradley & David Thiergartner of Bradley Thiergartner

Benjamin Bradley and David Thiergartner of Bradley Thiergartner are simply amazing.  Their formal spaces ooze elegance and are carefully put together down to the smallest detail.  But what makes them true masters at their craft is the fact that they cater their spaces specifically to each client and the location.  I love this bedroom filled with plaids and stripes.  It is so cozy and perfect for this country home.  The symmetry of the beds and wall art are broken up by their placement of that cozy red armchair with light piping, that beautiful metal storage box and the way they articulated the arms of the bedside lamps.  If I had the opportunity to stay in this room I would take a special trip to the Highlands to acquire the perfect set of tartan pajamas for the occasion.  I wouldn’t want to besmirch the fabulousness of the room by wearing anything else!

Now I just love this space.  Benjamin Bradley and David Thiergartner really know how to mix and utilize fabrics.  The subtle colors of the seat cushion against those various pillows works perfectly together.  That one little tufted pillow is so important in that window seat! Call me crazy, but I am in love with a button on a tufted pillow.   Could you imagine that space without that tiny dark dot of the button in the middle of that window seat? I also appreciate the pairing of the fairly traditional setting with the modern side table, and how the light is perfectly managed in this case by a lack of window treatment.

I love the shiny black floor in this kitchen!  The whole room relates perfectly to the piece of art on the back wall.  Notice the burnt orange color of the leather seats of the dining chairs is repeated in the set of wine glasses in the cabinet and links the punches of color in that playful rug.  That color placement and thoughtful planning brings an oh-so important pop in a space that is principally black and white.

I just had to add this photo as well.  This is what you get when you want a children’s room done properly.  This is fun and quirky for a little girl without making a room look like what people expect a kid’s room to look like.  I love the girly touch of ruffles in the bedding!  This is the kind of room that grows up with the child.

Decorating a child’s room (in this case a little-girl) successfully is not about locating the brightest shade of Pepto-Pink to slop on the walls.  I get upset when I see a child’s room that looks like a hot pink mess in the middle of a subdued elegant house (now yes, if the house is designed in a daring and modern way and filled with bold bright colors and there was a hot pink child’s room in the mix then yes, that might work… but that’s not what I am talking about here people!). Successful decorating is about making it a fun space that when the child is 5,10,14 or 18, she will be able to change and update with touches of her own personality.  At Beekman Lane, we are currently working on a space for a expectant parents.  We are preparing a nursery that houses these same principles.  Making it a space that will last (by adding or subtracting touches) and will take a child from teething to tween-ing.  That is thinking-ahead decorating!

So back to the refined elegance of the work of Bradley Thiergartner! I love this duo and their team.   They decorate in a thoughtful and tailored way that never seems stuffy and above all is always entirely livable.


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