Pillow Talk! The beautiful pillows of East Meets West Antiques in Los Angeles

So yes, I said I would be sticking to our more local New York based shops and designers on this blog series, but I lied.  I did not mean to but today I could not resist featuring all things fabulously folk and rustic in Los Angeles’ East Meets West Antiques located on La Brea.

Pillows are the lipstick and mascara for your seating.  You should update your space every few years to reflect your changing taste and current style and the easiest way to do that is with pillows.  A few new throw pillows will update your space and could be the right change you need to improve the look of your home; just like retiring your teal blue eye shadow and dark lip liner 15 years ago was the right decision for the look of your face.  I looove the above pillows with their soft pink stripe- these would be amazing anywhere but I would put them in a little girls room to add femininity without being too frilly.

New pillows and throws are the quickest and often least expensive update for a room.   I say “new” very loosely.  My favorite pillows utilize antique and vintage fabrics.  They have amazing texture and color.  All the pillows I am showing from East Meets West Antiques are made from old fabrics and textiles. It is important to find pillows that work with the seating you are pairing them with.  Don’t be afraid to introduce a new or bright color in a throw pillows.  Mixing and matching several different patterns and sizes makes the visual more interesting.  Introducing a new brightly colored pillow into a space can work in your room if you have or add another element in the room that has a touch of that color.  For example, tie in the new color with a hint of that hue on the cover of a coffee table book or a brushstroke in a painting.  I love the combination of the red stripes with this muted wicker chaise.


I could imagine this duo in one of Ralph Lauren’s homes.  This is such a beautiful rustic bentwood rocker paired with a pillow made from a Navajo Weaving.  I love that even though the textile on the pillow was made in the 1930s, the shapes are modern and geometric and the colors bright so it does not look rustic on rustic.  I also enjoy the soft curves of the bentwood next to the jagged pattern of the pillow.

This beautiful flag pillow makes this painted Windsor bench scream rustic Americana!  This is a completely classic look.  I love this in a country home against a milk paint wall in either Driftwood, Soldier Blue, or, for the more adventurous, Salmon.

Now if you wanted a completely different look using that same bench, these pillows would pair perfectly with the painted patina of the 19th C Windsor Bench. This is a fabulous more muted combination that would be amazing in a beach house or on a covered porch.

So give your sofa a face-lift.  It will enliven your space and make you fall in love with your home all over again!

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