Creepy, Curious and Brilliant: The Medical Equipment, Tools and Oddities of Radio-Guy

Steve Erenberg’s (Radio-Guy) collection is so noteworthy that I cannot include all the pictures that I want to in this post.  He has some of the most interesting pieces I have seen in a long time. Each of his lights, or medical pieces require study to realize the details and understand the original purpose of the piece.  The above photograph is of a 1920s early plastic surgery learning tool.  The face plates can be removed to reveal the underlying skull…I can hear Mr. Potato Head quivering in his detachable boots.  I find this fascinating as well as really beautifully constructed.  The stand is magnificently designed and really makes this appropriate for display on an entry piece or bookshelf.

This piece is spectacular!  It is an old dental cabinet that was constructed in a time period between when such medical/dental cabinets were either made entirely out of wood or later pieces that were made completely out of metal.   My eyeballs hurt this is so beautiful!  I would love this in a studio space for keeping supplies and tools.   The chunky brushed metal hardware also lends itself to a kitchen with brushed nickel lighting, or potrack.

Radio-Guy also started Early-Electrics Lighting.  I love his selection of funky industrial lighting.  The use of this large facto-light diffuser on this industrial pendant light seems over the top.  I find this so interesting because it seems like there are more components than needed for the functionality (and industrial lighting was all about functionality).  But the hardware and beauty of the extra effort taken to affix the diffuser makes this a wonderful industrial light for a home.  Two or three of these over a kitchen island would be spectacular!  The diffuser will make it easy on your eyes to work under as you try to make your Pasta Fagioli taste like your Nona used to make.

Radio-Guy is preserving the moments in between “brilliance”.  All of the medical equipment is beyond obsolete, some seem like missteps in the path to innovation.   But Steve Erenberg is keeping the journey documented by preserving these items.  His amazing collection can be seen on his website or on 1stDibs.

09/08/2011 1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Jeff on 12/15/2013 07:30AM said:

    Hello, Your items are spectacular! I'm interested in purchasing 2 of the square electric lighting pendants to place above the island in my home. Could you tell me the specs and price? If there are other similar lighting pendent options, please forward pictures and specs to me. I'm also interested in the potting rack listed above. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

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