Our Tiniest Client; Welcome to Violet’s Nursery

This is Violet, a recent client of ours.  We decorated her nursery, and we knew we needed to make it very special for a very special little girl!

Amy & Chris, Violet’s mom and dad, had just moved into their new home.  This is an image of the nursery when we first visited their beautiful space.  They are an amazing couple that wanted a functional space for their daughter.  We went with a pale neutral blue paint color in the room.  The blue acted as a softening neutral that we could play off of with brighter color touches in the accessories.  So when Violet is a tween she won’t be embarrassed by a hot pink room with a wallpaper border of princesses.  As she gets older she can pick out new accessories as she comes into her own style.  This blue is great because it changes in feeling when put with other colors.  When it is next to yellows and whites it looks more blue, when it is next to blacks and intense blues it looks more gray.

We fell in love with the large window, and decided to keep the area in the window painted white to keep it as the bright focal point in the space.  We did a seating area in the window that will be functional, as Violet gets older.  It will be a great nook for reading down the road.  The bench in the window area is made up of four separate ottomans so they can pulled aside as stools or a tray could be added on top for a table (perfect for future tea parties!).  The lovely and playful pennants were handmade by Amy’s best friend Hannah.  They are so sweet and they catch the amazing light that floods in that window so well.

We decided to do a layer of sheers behind the patterned curtains.  The sheer can be drawn for privacy or to shield some of the light and the heavier outer curtains can be drawn together to block the light for naptime.  When Violet is old enough, she can also have a bit of privacy in her reading nook by closing the curtains.

The crib, bookshelf and changing table are all dark wood.  The changing table is an antique chest of drawers, the perfect size to fit the changing pad on top of it.   This way when Violet is potty trained it will be a great storage piece in her bedroom.

It is a space that can grow as Violet grows.

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