Beekman Lane adores the delightfully quirky Elizabeth Street Gallery!

But really who wouldn’t adore this gallery?  Elizabeth Street Gallery is an amazing space filled with decorative objects many of them in tremendous scale.  The pieces are whimsical and would be the focal point of your room (if you had a room big enough to house some of these pieces).

This 19th Century Tin Horse looks so realistic I want to hop up there and ride sidesaddle with a rose in my hair.  How funky would this be as a focal point in an entryway or in a kitchen of someone who loves to decorate with the unexpected!

I am dying over this American Oak table circa 1910!!!!  There are four attached stools and wrapped steel top.  This could be an unforgettable kitchen island (there are concealed cutting boards!!!!!) or used as a partner’s desk in a home office or studio.  We at Beekman Lane have been drooling over this!

This is a table made out of an  1890’s chemical drum lid.  What is so amazing about this is the ability to spot an interesting form in a random object and have it transformed into a functional piece.  Loooove it!

OK, this is my absolute favorite piece.  When I rounded a corner and saw this I felt like I needed a brown paper bag to prevent me from passing out!  This is a real working early 20th C shooting gallery from Coney Island. I would build a house around this piece.   This exact piece is available for rental only but  there is an option of having their studio make a recreation of it for you!  How quirky and bizarre….my heart skips a beat!

Elizabeth Street Gallery is a sanctuary for the peculiar and sometimes misunderstood objects from our collective past.  Step into this temple to the absurd, and you will not forget it!  Elizabeth Street Gallery is located at 209 Elizabeth Street.

If you go, make a reservation for PublicPublic is a fantastic (and beautifully designed) restaurant located right across the street from the gallery.  Go get your antique on, then go grab a glass of wine off of their extensive wine list and chow down—what a perfect day!

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1 Comment

  • Fonda Gautier on 01/18/2014 04:02PM said:

    American Oak Table circa 1910 viewed on your webpage. Is this an item I may purchase? If so, what are the dimensions and the price! Beautiful piece!! Thank you Fonda Gautier 252-362-2005

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