Master of Texture and Patina, Interior Designer, Cheryl Tague

The first interior designer we are featuring on our blog series is someone whose work I have admired for quite some time, Cheryl Tague. Cheryl’s color choices, though often muted, are anything but banal. Every small detail is purposefully chosen.  Her talent is finding spectacular fabrics and pieces and employing them in a way that embraces each items natural beauty and patina while making the space utterly livable.

I love (of course) the Black Forest mounted antlers hung above the bed.  That soft yellow plaid of the duvet with the stronger texture of the brown pillows is a beautiful combination.  I am in loooove with that thick brown striped throw, which seems to have the thickness of an old carriage blanket, on top of the dark wood of the beautiful bench at the foot of the bed.  What a cozy escape!

Look at this funky little rustic stool.  The subtle color differences in the woods of the wall, railing and stool layers this area so beautifully.  Cheryl doesn’t try to knock you out with gimmicky pops of color or bizarre shapes to grab your attention.  The furniture and finish choices win you over in their simplicity.

In my opinion Cheryl Tague is one of the best at showcasing different textures throughout a space.  This photo shows her wood choices, wallpaper and washes all working together to make a seamless transition between rooms.  She almost has a Swedish sensibility in the subtlety of her palettes.

I love this photo from a project in Chicago.  What a light and airy space. This collection of handsome matte tableware is skillfully displayed on this quietly blue kitchen dresser.

This bedroom is just so masterfully done.   The way the natural linen falls under that spectacular patterned cloth is perfection.  I love the deep indigos in the woven rug on the dark floor.   This room is pure magic to me.

Cheryl Tague’s design firm is based out of Pelham, NY and is soon to open her own shop, Core Home.

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